28 August 2015

Laying claims in la-la land

The whole village is agog with the latest bleatings from the fantasy paepae...

23 August 2015

Charon stands ready for his obol

The River Styx had to be crossed by the souls of the dead in a ferryboat to reach the Underworld.

18 August 2015

False idols are scarecrows in cucumber fields

This week volumes of pure unadulterated yuck fell from the mouths of zealots as they bowed down to idols & created new myths.

Joy to the world

Ha. Just deserts. Blabbermouth Hori Awa got his comeuppance ..

17 August 2015

07 July 2015

When is a Rule NOT a Rule

Selective propaganda .. learned helplessness = confusion & illegality .. by a few manipulative bastards ..