30 July 2014

Waiata of Passcendaele & the Somme

Sir Apirana Ngata  .. Whether the civilians of NZ, men & women fully realised the implications of the joint participation of Pakeha & Maori in this last demonstration of the highest citizenship .. 

NZ marks First World War Centenary

 Over 5,000 Maori citizens served in the War, alongside 500 Pacific Islanders. 550 women served in NZ Army Nursing Service. Of those who served .. 41,000 were wounded .. & 18,000 citizens lost their lives.

TGH: Vote no .. if you are not financially literate

The lost souls komiti brigade are visiting marae members extoling them to vote in favour of the 110-million bucks to prop up TGH .. 

GE 14: iPredict election special

iPredict Ltd is owned by Victoria University of Wellington which publishes details on the company & its stocks here.    The weekly political update is prepared by Exceltium Ltd on a pro bono basis & is based on a snapshot taken at a random time each week. 

28 July 2014

Maori Language (Te reo Maori) Bill

As we have learned .. a Bill passed in haste often creates deep discord & controversy ..  will this Bill suffer the same fate? 

Whatungarongaro te tangata toitū te whenua ..

People pass on, but land remains ..  but will the drafting of a new Te Ture Whenua Maori bill .. indeed protect Papatuanuku .. Mother Earth .. Gaia ..  

27 July 2014

TGH: hoisted by democratic 'muddies' ..

The financial & legal blurb on a $110-mn 'buy' option to TGH ..

When will it end?

A 'selfish royal' with a sham 'charitable trust' is paid over a million buckaroos .. without justification & no benefit derived ..  

GE 14: Maori electorates .. critics doth protest too much

Since the electorates were first introduced in 1867 (Maori Representation Act) & since the first Maori elections in 1868 .. various attempts by various people & no-hoper-wanna-bees* *  have sought to disestablish them .. for various reasons .. but they keep on keeping on .. as they are part of our country's political landscape ..

26 July 2014

Tariana Turia .. elegance supreme

E rere kau mai te awa nui mai i te kāhui maunga ki Tangaroa.
Ko au te awa ko te awa ko au ..

25 July 2014

24 July 2014

HOR: Ngai Tūhoe mana motuhake

Tamati Kruger .. my feeling is that the land was here first, so nobody owns it.  If anything, it owns you.  The water owns the water, the land owns the land.  So our proposition to the government has been .. let us agree that Te Urewera owns itself ..

HOR: Te Tūpuna Maunga o Tāmaki Makaurau Authority

Paul Majurey .  . As the tūpuna maunga are iconic, so too will the face of Auckland be defined in the generations to come by Ngā Mana Whenua o Tāmaki Makaurau ..

Tumeke! Tō Tātou Whare

New bilingual resources on Parliament are now available to support students & teachers from kura & Māori immersion classes ..