10 February 2016

A fitting epitaph

Should people stop being concerned & embrace kingitanga? Should people now be ‘loyal’, support ‘unity’ & ‘hope’?

07 February 2016

Failure achieved by a lack of brains

Britain's Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once remarked that Ronald Reagan [twice elected USA President] ‘had nothing between his ears.’

10 January 2016

05 January 2016

Do they spy with a biased eye?

Both of our spy agencies are found to be suffering from major systemic problems .. which include racism, sexism, double-standards .. 

26 December 2015

Cultures of indifference

The Pope has warned his flock not to be ‘intoxicated’ by possessions ..

24 December 2015

The rorting continues..

This time it is associated with the vexed issue of social housing  ..

13 December 2015