19 April 2014

te kingitanga author of its own demise

Last week's explosive self-inflicted personal harming by the totally dysfunctional kingitanga movement resembles that of a Greek tragedy.

18 April 2014

TTR: Withdraw - go home & count your money

Mrs Jean Kahui & Mrs Piki Parker (of Wellingto) travelled to Hamilton so they could put their case seeking to protect, with passion, knowledge & love of their rohe moana.  

16 April 2014

Kohanga media ban vindictive & suspicious

Utu is not about vengenance. It is about balance. And the people that straddle both sides of the kohanga reo board & its TPO charitable trust really do need to balance the books.

15 April 2014

Who would have thought this?

There's an old adage .. that charity begins at home .. but looking @ these zero declarations .. it is obvious the value beneficiaries of this so-called 'charitable trust' will receive .. did all iwi of aotearoa consent to this?

14 April 2014

Maori TV ban petty & silly

So the person who now claims he did not want to be 'maori king' has used his pretend 'role' to justify banning journalists of NZs most popular TV program - 'Native Affairs' from a press conference. His ludicrous & petty silliness has now concentrated the nation's focus on how te kohanga reo trust manages the $90-odd-million it is paid. The 64,000 question has arisen - what is there to hide?

13 April 2014

NZ$22 billion dollars sitting in investments ...

Interviews are neat - some are painful. All kinds of questions are asked of politicians & where some astonishing facts are revealed.  Hone Harawira confirmed that 'Mana isn’t just an organisation that can be pigeon-holed into the 'Maori', the 'dispossessed' & the 'activist' .. but it was a good start ..

Kohanga reo deserves principled leadership

In 1904 C V Cavafy wrote 'Waiting for the Barbarians'. 

The poem reflects the child in the 'emperor's new clothes' who clearly saw how the rituals of power & the ideology of fear is used.  The poem builds on a series of realizations that move from the simple to the hidden, from stating the obvious to glimpsing the underlying fears & needs that distort our public life. The people expected the barbarians to come with superior force & destroy the republic. Then the irony of all.  The barbarians did not arrive.

12 April 2014

TTR Hearing: Citizens & their submissions

Last week in Hamilton the EPA five member decision-making committee held its hearing into TTR marine consent application & from which almost 430 pages of transcripts were produced.