25 January 2015

23 January 2015

TGH Mike Pohio resigns

Mike Pohio has 'resigned' as CE of TGH .. there's a better world out there ..

22 January 2015

2015 Waitangi the debate continues

Some people cannot be content with their lot. Especially a Green MP who has attempted to influence who will speak on the treaty & at Ratana.

21 January 2015

RMA reforms a smokescreen?

The reform of the Resource Management Act 1991 has been a burr under the saddle of the ponies the National Party has been riding for 7 long years .. but we all know the problem is not the Act ...

The 2011 Rules

Like all rivers .. the push to gut the 2011 rules - continues to wend its way around the motu  .. before different audiences .. with different zealots on their kerosene cans.. with duplicitous messages ... pouring out of their pores like poison .. 

15 January 2015

Its hustle time

The 2015 year is upon us .. with a drop in oil prices - hotter temperatures - war - needless senseless killing of citizens - manipulation of circumstances to deprive people of benefits they legitimately deserve .. 

03 January 2015

Sir Ivor Richardson - RIP

Sir Ivor was a great New Zealander. He had an unparalleled influence on NZ law during his long tenure as a judge, law teacher & adviser.. 

01 January 2015

2015 Resolutions a humbug occasion

Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual 'good' resolutions.