20 October 2014

Marama Fox MP confronts a long-standing dilemma

Ensuring that Te Tiriti o Waitangi is upheld is one of the fundamental reasons why I am a MP ..

New Zealand's 51st Parliament Opens Today

Today's ceremony is little bit of pomp & ceremony as befits Westminster's traditions & a HUGE bit of natural culture reflecting our country's bicultural beginnings ...

13 October 2014

New Zealand to reject 'feeding the monster' of terrorism

The politx of foreign terrorism & the brutality of war is now part of our daily discourse .. & consciousness ..

Hone Harawira for the record

 Anyone who was paying attention after election day would have seen that I was accepting the result for me & MANA ..

09 October 2014

08 October 2014

EBOLA spiralling out of control

The LANCET has published an OPEN LETTER on the EBOLA epdemic ..

TGHs arrogance continues..

Being told NO was not sufficient to TGH to change its business model ..

PROJECT WHENUA & environment & science

A series explores science happening in the community, with a focus on innovative environmental projects that use Māori knowledge & concepts will be hosted by environmental scientist Tuaiwa Darcel Rickard* of Whaingaroa .. .