19 September 2014

NZs advance voters total 557, 174

Last report on advance voting ..

Governor-General explains his role in appointing a government

Quantity & clarity, the confidence of the House, expressed in clear & public statements.  These are the things that parties need to be able to show before a Governor-General can appoint a government.   

NZ Suffrage Day 2014 marks 121 years ..

In 1893 New Zealand women fought for & won the right to vote.

18 September 2014

Keep doing it!

Advance voting statistics for 18 Sep 2014

Maori TV Kowhiri 2014

Maori Television’s KOWHIRI 2014 - ELECTION SPECIAL will stream live .. be there  ..

Komiti's underhanded tactics continue

What is it about the komiti & its inability to understand the word  .. NO?

16 September 2014

Some damned good questions for the PM

Our prime minister announced his intention to 'declassify' top secret documents & ..  he did just that ..

Citizens are doing it for their country ..

This election campaign is heading to a cliff-hanger ..

14 September 2014