31 October 2014

Waikato Raupatu Claims Settlement Act 1995 - only tikanga necessary

Long before 1995 Waikato was in & out of the High Court & Environment Court battling various internal wrongs - seeking to prevent impudent people from grabbing the cash & controlling other resources. 

27 October 2014

Democracy demands accountability

Encouraging Waikato hapu members to 'vote' .. the outcome of which is then decided by a smaller group .. is to perpetuate a deliberate falsehood.

20 October 2014

Marama Fox MP confronts a long-standing dilemma

Ensuring that Te Tiriti o Waitangi is upheld is one of the fundamental reasons why I am a MP ..

New Zealand's 51st Parliament Opens Today

Today's ceremony is little bit of pomp & ceremony as befits Westminster's traditions & a HUGE bit of natural culture reflecting our country's bicultural beginnings ...

13 October 2014

New Zealand to reject 'feeding the monster' of terrorism

The politx of foreign terrorism & the brutality of war is now part of our daily discourse .. & consciousness ..

Hone Harawira for the record

 Anyone who was paying attention after election day would have seen that I was accepting the result for me & MANA ..