09 December 2014

Myth making in affidavits

One has to suspend their disbelief at the contents submitted to the High Court during last week's NZ Police appeal ...

08 December 2014

Maori Language (Te Reo Maori) Bill

The Maori Affairs Select Committee is hearing submissions on the Maori Language (Te Reo Maori) Bill .. which seeks to create a new 'entity' called Te Matawai..

You want a job? Bow & swear allegience to false prophets

Yet another newbie joins the erratic fairy-go-around of TGH.

Korotangi Paki .. convicted!

NZ Police were successful in its appeal & resulted in Korotangi Paki being convicted.

19 November 2014

Ururangi Trust & Waikato Endowed College slush funds

Following the release of a very expense glossy annual report the WECT has been forced to reforecast its 'budgets' for FY 2014 & FY 2015.

18 November 2014

TK Inc HYGM agenda breaches 2011 Rules

In its haste to gut Te Kauhanganui & replace it with greedy selfish kingitanga upstart zealots ...

16 November 2014

The madness of te kingitanga

It is well-known that the current 'leader' of te kingitanga & his acolytes have been lusting for absolute power & control .. probably since the signing in 1995.  His hypocrisy causes people to gag at his impudence & coveting & controlling the tribal resources & decision making ..

Te Kauhanganui being sued again in High Court

The reckless behaviour of some individuals in Te Kauhanganui has now resulted in it being dragged into - not one - but two legal proceedings ...

Korotangi Paki 'heir to an invisible 'throne'

Woolford J has reserved his decision following today's appeal at Auckland's High Court.