21 September 2014

Our Parliament's MPs

The 2014 intake of people who will represent their parties in 51st Parliament.  New MPs (*).

NZs general election preliminary results

The cold hard facts ..

Electric electoral event ..

Wow! What a night! Not only did Mother Nature continue to test our shoe leather .. other forces played their hand..

20 September 2014

2014 election results - watch, weep, win, wonder, why, what?

Results of Aotearoa New Zealand's 51st general election .. will be broadcast LIVE from various TV channels & radio & on-line networks ..  @ NZT 19:00 .. 

19 September 2014

NZs advance voters final 717,579

Overal total 717,579 citizens voted in advance ..

Governor-General explains his role in appointing a government

Quantity & clarity, the confidence of the House, expressed in clear & public statements.  These are the things that parties need to be able to show before a Governor-General can appoint a government.   

NZ Suffrage Day 2014 marks 121 years ..

In 1893 New Zealand women fought for & won the right to vote.

18 September 2014