21 August 2014

GE 14: Sobering ..

John Key's government is damaging the well-being of Maori & Pasifika people because it is denying that poverty exists in our beleoved country ..

GE 14: Policy does a government make ..

Winston Peters is rightly bemoaning the current unseemly, sordid, debate on underhanded dirty politic activities & the PM has got to stop defying gravity ..

20 August 2014

GE 14: Writ Day

The issue of the writ is a key constitutional step in the election process.

19 August 2014

Legacy of social, economic & environmental deficits

Prior to any general election the law requires that a pre-election economic & fiscal update be published ..

18 August 2014

GE 14: MANA Movement people ..

New faces .. new energy .. new horizons 

Dirty Politics - hopeless, hysterial, hypochondriacal hatred

Nicky Hager is doing the country a great service with his exposure of political chicanery .. & this is why ..

14 August 2014

Dirty Politics .. tour de force ..

 Herman Melville's 'Moby Dick' was (is) a tour de force.  As will Nicky Hager's 'Dirty Politics' ..

NZ Police mea culpa ..

Ngai Tuhoe are well deserving of an apology from our police commissioner .. though it was 7 long years after the fact ..

Urgent overhaul needed?

Some people are banking some pretty solid dosh ..

12 August 2014

C'est Magnifique!

Sotheby's in Paris has estimated that a rare POU WHAIKAIRO could fetch more than $3 million on 16 Sep.

TGH: Where will it get the dosh?

TGH incurring more debt via Westpac .. more coveting of te raupatu millions ..  

GE 14: iPredict #30 ..

  Internet-Mana to have five MPs  ... wow ..

On 24 August the Mana Party will officially be renamed Mana Movement, because it says it is more than just a political party.   Mana leader Hone Harawira says using the word 'party' is 'redundant & inaccurate'. The Movement will always be bigger than its role in politics.'

Democracy v dictatorship - you decide

'We're changing it to prevent going back to court' .. 

GE 14: Kumeu politx meet

She said .. he said .. they responded .. convenor warned ..

Dissolution of the 50th Parliament

Hear ye! Hear ye! The 50th Parliament will come to an end on Thur 14 August.

09 August 2014

Ruakura: Draft Decision on review

Residents got protection from night-time noise & operations activity .. which TGH & CPL had denied them ..