19 November 2014

Ururangi Trust & Waikato Endowed College slush funds

Following the release of a very expense glossy annual report the WECT has been forced to reforecast its 'budgets' for FY 2014 & FY 2015.

18 November 2014

TK Inc HYGM agenda breaches 2011 Rules

In its haste to gut Te Kauhanganui & replace it with greedy selfish kingitanga upstart zealots ...

16 November 2014

The madness of te kingitanga

It is well-known that the current 'leader' of te kingitanga & his acolytes have been lusting for absolute power & control .. probably since the signing in 1995.  His hypocrisy causes people to gag at his impudence & coveting & controlling the tribal resources & decision making ..

Te Kauhanganui being sued again in High Court

The reckless behaviour of some individuals in Te Kauhanganui has now resulted in it being dragged into - not one - but two legal proceedings ...

Korotangi Paki 'heir to an invisible 'throne'

Woolford J has reserved his decision following today's appeal at Auckland's High Court.

06 November 2014

The manipulation begins

The komiti & its begging bowl owner & lands trust management have finally revealed their true intentions behind the so-called referenda - by deploying dirty tactics not previously seen.