01 September 2014

JOHN MINTO .. veteran of life ..

The broader the spectrum of opinion in Parliament .. the better .. amine!

31 August 2014

30 August 2014

29 August 2014

Another pretender follows the money

Tuheitia Paki is in hospital with diabetes-related issues .. 

Korotangi Paki @ High Court

A Crown bid to overturn a discharge without conviction for KOROTANGI PAKI will be heard in November .. 

Te Puni Kokiri $18-million spend-up

If there is a redeeming factor .. it is this disclosure ..

Te Puni Kokiri makes 66 people redundant ..

Te Puni Kōkiri works within the public sector & with Māori communities, to support Māori collective success at home & globally .. means a group moving forward together .. seek to harness the collective talents of Māori to produce a stronger NZ .. blah .. blah

28 August 2014

GE 14: Internet MANA - Ngā Moemoeā: A future of hope

 It is the highest impertinence & presumption therefore in kings & ministers to pretend to 'watch over' the economy of private people & to restrain their expense. They are themselves always & without exception, the greatest spendthrifts in the society** ..

27 August 2014

Te Kaitiaki Take Kōwhiri 2014

On your marks .. go ..

LGA development contributions commissioners

The Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Act (No 3) 2014 came into law in August .. some changes may create costs for your community ..

GE 14: iPredict update # 32

 Its & ups & downs this week ..  for every player ..

26 August 2014

GE 14: NZ First candidates .. only 5 women

NZ First made front-line news today .. but it was the argy-bargy that attracted  ..  

Pastor Sonny Poutapu - Waikato hospital chaplain

Waikato Hospital’s new Maori chaplain is greatly privileged to participate in the holistic health & wellbeing of all people coming to the hospital ..

TGH: Press gang on the loose

It is offensive te komiti continues press gang tactics to get marae members to agree to paying TGH the raupatu millions ...

GE 14: Maori Party names 24 candidates

Its like the Melbourne Cup. This placings card is filled .. now for the odds ..