26 August 2012

TAA dysfunctional hypocrites

The hypocrisy & back-stabbing & bitchiness of the feral komiti bottomed out & bloomed with sickening familiarity at Hopuhopu on Saturday - when they all displayed their natural ugly vindictiveness against the democratically elected chair of Te Kauhanganui.  They must all be feeling very grand & pleased with their performance ... 

Clint Rickard (of all people) conducted the orchestrated gang-up with aplomb.

Joining in from the cheap seats was none other greg miller - who falsely accused (like the others) the chair of spending $2-million on legal bills.

Ah excuse us greg miller - you were a komiti member during 2010-2012 term & what you & your rat-bag colleagues did was unconscionable when it came to fiscal mis-management. 

You were part of all the legal challenges initiated by committee chair which were filed against the TKI chair & then sanctioned & paid the bills it ran up.

You need to be reminded of your appalling & reckless financial behaviour that KPMG uncovered - the review you & your committee mates are desperate to bury.

And what about the money the committee has paid to citizen paki in the same period? Not a peep from you or any other zealot. 

BTW who was the contractor that had not been paid for it to demand the payment of outstanding amount of $884,278.00?   Why keep this a secret? 

Why did Hemi Rau not shout this out aloud across the debating chamber. Such double-standards! Such hypocrisy! So false! Such pretence!

And why did greg miller round up the invoice to $900,000 - bloody cheek! Who was going get the difference?  Why?

KPMG Report Legal Costs - p45-68
A table summarises legal costs per legal firms for WRLT. This information was obtained from the General Ledger. We cannot guarantee the completeness of the information as this is subject to the descriptions provided in the General Ledger. 

Summary by legal firm: source general ledger FY2009-2011


  • TOM ROA's High Court costs suing Morgan for arbitrary restructuring? 
  • TUKU Morgan's restructuring strategy & associated costs;
  • WLRT environmental services bill when it sued Hamilton City;
  • HEMI RAU's employment issues perpetuated by Morgan & your other mates resulting in almost $296k in legal costs;
  • HEMI RAUs' $200+k pay-out;
  • HEMI RAU's jacked up sacking & QC costs of almost $136k;
FORMER CEO - HEMI RAU - costs - $198,545.55

The legal costs for TKI chair pale in comparison & total almost $212,000.

Today tom roa told Radionz:

...  said his tribe's (really when did that happen - when did tribe roa come from - under a cabbage?  roa & rahui papa have same silly dreams) relationship with the Crown is sound, so negotiation, not litigation, is its preferred stance.

roa stressed he was speaking for his iwi (there he goes again) ... thinks any settlement of Maori water rights would involve financial payments of some kind .. . & that when something belongs to you you look after it for future generations, but there is an economic capacity to that ownership.

So roa would rather look after & respect water than respect the chair of TKI - whom he loves to bully, trample & abuse.

You gotta wonder what the hell place this people resides? 

La-la land is the natural home to feral committee underground dwellers.