24 August 2012

Citizen paki gorges @ the tribal purse

The recalcitrant komiti proves it is a funding agent for the paki family ...

The behaviour & actions of the komiti are grossly irresponsible. It has already transferred the $900,000.00 to te Paki family to repair their 'private houses' & that the item on the agenda is typical BS that falls out of the mouths of those corrupted by control & artificial power.  But yet the costs are not declared on its financial statements. If the 'private houses' do indeed belong to the paki family why on earth is money being paid from settlement funds for the repairs?

The komiti has NO responsibility for governance issues. It has no ability under the Rules to make financial decisions of this nature.

This has been confirmed by court action - time and time and time again. How long will it take for the committee to understand the word 'NO'?

People initially learned of the outrageous $900,000 demand at February's TSM when Greg Miller (Paki's mangai) tabled a glorified & emotional soft-sell thinking (wrongly) the 'natives' would automatically approve the continuing draining of tribal funds to citizen Paki.

The bottom-less pit is item 11 on the agenda: 
'THAT Te Kauhanganui approve a one-off grant of $900,000 (GST incl) for settling all outstanding construction costs relating to Mahinarangi and Turongo House.'  

  • No proof that any money was actually paid for the construction costs? 
  • Paki & Whakaruru & Miller must produce the invoices & the receipts to support this demand.
  • And provide receipts showing to whom it was paid.  
  • Or is this yet another snow-job as what happened at Horahora Marae?

Has court action been threatened or is it pending against Paki family for the non-payment of these construction costs?

Punters will remember citizens Paki was threatened with legal action by PBL builder from Te Kauwhata that was engaged to construct the dining hall at Horahora Marae.  

The builder was so pissed off as checks (signed by Atawhai's niece) bounced & he sought summary judgement against the marae & was prepared to name Atawhai and Tuheitia Paki to get his money. 

And bingo guess who came to the party - no one other Tuku Morgan & his komiti mates & those butt-kissers arbitrarily approved this payment without the sanction or knowledge of Te Kauhanganui.

Horahora Marae is Atawhai Paki's stamping ground. And her niece Anne Niaku was the manager of that project & who was taken to court by trustees of Horahora Marae to have her removed.

Maori Land Court (17 June 2011) decision noted: 
  • Nikau provided post-dated cheques dated (20.10.2008, 26.11.2008 and 4.12.2008) to PLB totalling $639.381.53. Cheques not honoured – no money in bank account;
  • 2008 paperwork showed DIA paid to Horahora marae trustees $556,000 for the purpose of upgrading a wharekai & wharenui in April.
  • At [49] Nikau queried why creditors were being paid from the 'loan' from Te Kauhanganui (proof a $500,000 loan was raised).
Guess who was also involved? Well none other than kingitanga zealots Greg Miller & Hori Awa!

KPMG report confirmed that Horahora got paid $500,000 dollars of tribal money FY2009. And which was written off.

When will these greedy demands cease? 

The Paki family has been given so much tribal money - it is disgusting. 

The 1995 settlement  was intended to benefit those descendants of the 33 hapu who suffered raupatu last century.

The raupatu continues & worse it comes from within.

Not content with getting millions since 2006 - being a mangai for kingitanga - Paki's greed & demands have increased.

In 2012 Paki will get money transferred into his so-called 'charitable trusts' - $3,900,000 + $900,000.00 = that is  $4.8-million of $10.5-million dividend paid from TGH.

How deep is the pecuniary gain for this individual and his deeply entrenched hangers-on leeches?

VOTE NO to this item agenda. Let Paki draw from the money he has been paid. He can sell the cars (paid for by our money) & stop paying his goons the outrageous amounts (from our dividend) they receive.  Perhaps the paki family might actually work for a living - as do the very many rest of us.

Let them do without permanently.